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What trends should be grasped in the development of car charging stations in China

wallpapers News 2021-06-25
The development status of car charging stations in the Chinese market
According to data from the China Charging Alliance, as of the end of January 2020, 531,000 public charging piles and 712,000 private charging piles have been built across the country. The ratio of vehicle to pile is about 3.5:1. In February of this year, affected by the epidemic, the pile construction business was basically Stagnation, but even so, as of February 2020, the cumulative number of charging infrastructure in my country was 1.245 million, a year-on-year increase of 43.8%.
According to the "Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development Guide (2015-2020)" plan, by 2020, my country will build 4.8 million charging piles to meet the charging needs of 5 million new energy vehicles, of which 500,000 are distributed public charging piles , 4.3 million private charging piles. At present, public charging piles have reached the planning requirements in advance, but the number of private charging piles is still far from enough. In addition, according to the plan, the vehicle to pile ratio is about 1:1, but the current vehicle to pile ratio is 3.5:1, that is, 3.5 vehicles share a charging pile, which is difficult to meet consumer demand.

Problems exposed in the construction of charging facilities in China
From the perspective of operators, the business model of charging services is not yet clear. The business model that relies solely on charging services as the main income is far from supporting the continued development of the asset-heavy charging service market. Difficulties in finding land for charging stations, high costs, and problems with dedicated power supply have long plagued charging service operators. The structural scarcity caused by the unreasonable planning and layout of charging facilities and the low utilization rate of public charging piles exist at the same time. Events such as fires caused by electric vehicle charging also affect the confidence of all parties.
From the perspective of car owners, poor charging experience is the main disadvantage. It is difficult to build private piles in the community, and there are hidden risks; insufficient charging interconnection, too many software entrances, but insufficient practicability, it is difficult to find charging piles with good performance and no space for gasoline vehicles; charging for special vehicles such as rental, sharing, logistics, etc. The demand has not been met, and the advantages of low cost of electric vehicles have not been fully reflected.
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