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Pulse charging mode of on-board charger

wallpapers News 2021-05-12
On-board chargers refer to the chargers fixed on electric vehicles, which are capable of safely and automatically charging the power batteries of electric vehicles. According to the data provided by the battery management system (BMS), the chargers can dynamically adjust the charging current or voltage parameters, perform the corresponding actions, and complete the charging process.
Pulse charging mode of on-board charger
The charging voltage and current of constant voltage charging, constant current charging and phased charging are continuous, and the battery is not given enough rest time to eliminate the polarization phenomenon, which can cause battery overheating, gas separation and other phenomena, limit the charging speed, and seriously affect the battery life. The pulse charging mode and the positive and negative pulse charging mode adopts a discontinuous charging current, which can effectively reduce or eliminate the occurrence of polarization phenomenon, accelerate the charging speed and delay the service life of the battery.
Pulse charging mode using pulse charging asked xie to provide adequate rest when asked for the battery is advantageous to the battery internal active matter full reaction, effectively reduce and eliminate the happening of the polarization phenomenon, and can be used in a large current charging, and don't have to worry about batteries overheating, can effectively improve the charging efficiency, shorten the charging time, delay the battery life.
The positive and negative pulse charging mode is an improvement of the pulse charging mode. The whole charging process includes positive pulse charging, asking for rest and negative pulse discharging. First, positive pulse charge, rest for a period of time, and then a short negative pulse discharge. The short negative pulse discharge on the battery can effectively remove the occurrence of polarization phenomenon, accelerate the electrochemical reaction inside the battery, reduce the battery temperature, although the loss of part of the electric energy, but can make the battery charge at a higher charging current, can effectively accelerate the charging speed and improve the charging efficiency, delay the battery life.